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Gt: Guardian 10
A quick shower and some clothes.
Erin kept the thought foremost in her mind as she briskly jogged through the familiar city. The whole trip had been an enormous blur; as if her body had kicked into autopilot and blindly navigated down the frozen sidewalks and dark alleyways. The world was still and quiet; seemingly holding its breath in lieu of Erin's disobedience.
Disobedience was such a harsh choice of wording; Erin fished out the key she had in her back pocket  and opened the door to her house. This was just an enhancement to Elias' instructions, she had convinced herself. He was probably so busy doing whatever it was he had to do, that he hadn't considered the logical fact that she…well, she just needed stuff.
Upon entering the store level of the house, Erin scanned the area. Everything looked more or less the same and, for breath, she faintly wondered if she had even been missed; being gone a good two days or so. She shook her head and wa
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Little Surprises Chapter Nine
Little Surprises Chapter 9
"This is a bad idea," Tempest hissed after Vaughn had got out of his car.  "I can't even believe that I let you talk me into this.  I'm going to get caught!"
Vaughn gently touched the pocket in the front of his polo-shirt, taking care not to slam the door so it wouldn't hurt Tempest's ears.  "You're going to be fine.  Just stay there, and be quiet until we're in my uncle's room.  Can you at least stop complaining?  You were annoying enough in the car."
"Shut up," Tempest grumbled as Vaughn leaned against his car for a moment, securing a blue tooth in his ear.  "What are you doing?" she called up to him.
"Just putting this in in case work calls me.  Or," he added with a gentle smile down in her direction, "or one of the nurse's thinks I'm crazy for talking to myself when I'm actually talking to you."
"So it's like a headphone?" Tempest mused.
"Oh lord," Vaughn muttered.  
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Seasons pickings chapter 5
seasons pickings
Chapter 5
She stayed snuggled in her bed, as she continued to sleep
After staying in the woods for a day and a half, she pretty much conked out as soon as she hit the covers of her down feather bed.
Her mother hadn’t been too rough with her when she returned from the woods. But she did give her a few extra chores to do around the house, which she was ok with.
More chores didn’t hurt anybody right?
Snuggling deeper into her sheets she let out a sigh.
‘Beep! Beep! Beep!’
The alarm clock rang from her night stand.
With a moan Jane rolled over and shot out her hand from under the nice warm sheets, and hit the snooze button.
With the noise gone, Jane sleepily sat up and let out a nice long yawn.
“Jane get up! It’s time for school!” she heard her mother yell from downstairs.
“I’m up!” Jane called as she got up from her bed and went to pick her clothes for the day.
Deciding on her yellow sun dress, pink sweater,
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